Winter in Kentucky is weird; in a typical season, one day it’s practically spring and the next it feels like Antarctica. To make it even more weird, sometimes those extreme temperature fluctuations happen in the same day. Running in and out of hot classrooms all day only serves to complicate matters more, often resulting in an unbearable clothing situation that only increases throughout the day.

While it may seem obvious to pile on a ton of layers, sometimes that isn’t the best solution. Having to undress every time you enter a building is both inconvenient and time consuming, which is just not practical as a busy college student. So how can a girl dress for crazy weather without dealing with all the trouble? This Fashionista has the perfect solution.

While coats and sweaters are certainly necessary for cold days, a big scarf is the real savior when it comes to keeping warm. Not only do scarves provide a fun, useful accessory to an outfit, they are easy to take on and off when temperature fluctuations get out of control.

With an all-black outfit, this Fashionista sets the perfect stage for her oversized accessory. Her simple ensemble doesn’t have a ridiculous amount of layers; rather, she chose a simple coat that is easy to take on and off throughout the day. Her black jeans and booties keep with the theme of simplicity, ensuring that the focus of her outfit is always on her scarf. No matter the style—a shawl, a fringed scarf or fur—it’s always sure to make a statement while keeping you snug as a bug, no matter what the weather.

How To: When you’re crunched for time and the weather is out of control, take notes from this Fashionista. Keep your outfit simple and free of ridiculous amounts of layers. Once you have a base free of complications, all that’s left to do is put a scarf on it.