June is in full swing, marking the official beginning of summer break for most students. The warm weather and sunny opportunities we’ve been longing for are finally here. Unfortunately, Kansas hasn’t received the summer memo and is still sticking with gray, rainy spring weather. To liven up these gloomy days, I spotted a Fashionista with just enough color in her hair to put some life back into the sky.

To accentuate her natural golden-brown locks, the featured Fashionista added a lilac color to the tips of her hair. This has been an overwhelmingly popular trend throughout every spring season over the past few years and (thankfully) has transitioned into a year round style. Although it can be a nerve-wracking step to take, the end result will leave you feeling like a colorful summer goddess, ready to take on your three months of sunny freedom.

From hot pinks to subtle gray tones, there are endless options if you want to think more outside of the box with your hair color. If you’re not ready to take the move to the full head of colorful hair, you can follow in our Fashionista’s footsteps and just give the ends a bit of color. Bright colored hair is more than just a way to give your hair some excitement, it is also an outfit accessory in itself. Our Fashionista called today her “lazy day,” opting for a simple pair of denim shorts and a T-shirt. The element that takes the outfit a step further is her eye-catching purple hue. It’s not every day you see a student strolling through campus with hair like that, so I had to stop to investigate.

How To: If you aren’t ready to take on a bright color in a permanent way, there are other options. Brands like Splat make a variety of options in every color imaginable. There is hair chalk for just a daily change up and box dye options that will rinse out after 20 washes. So really at this point, what’s stopping you?