So far this summer, I have met some really trendy Fashionistas and Fashionistos. Between summer courses and a job, I’ve been searching across campus for a student with an incredible sense of style. However, it never occurred to me to look within my own social circle until now. Ever heard the phrase, “The shoes make the man?” This Fashionisto has and he follows this mantra daily. In the years that I have known him, his style has never let me down; head-to-toe stylish.

This Fashionisto’s shoes made the outfit stand out. He took a simple, white wool pullover hoodie and combined it with a pair of gray joggers from Urban Outfitters. The fact that the colors of his outfit were neutral drew all of the attention to his choice of footwear: a blue, pink and black vintage pair of Air Force 1 Flights. It’s amazing how a nice pair of shoes can add so much “swag” to your wardrobe. This Fashionisto decided to add a bit of class to his outfit by rocking a black timepiece on his wrist. Not only are watches good for keeping up with the time, but they also make for really good accessories. The combination of active wear and statement kicks is not new; in fact, is actually very popular. This look has been seen on celebrity icons, such as Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. Now, it has made its way to Normal, Illinois.

How To: If you want to get a look similar to this Fashionisto’s, grab one of your favorite crewnecks and a pair of joggers. Combine a neutral colored outfit with a pair of bright sneakers. You can even try matching the color of your shirt to the colors in your kicks!