ALL IN THE DETAILS: Private School Prep

It is an understatement saying that the typical college student is busy. College can easily be compared to a full time job, and that’s disregarding the numerous activities most students are involved in. These busy students that are involved in so much, as well as having to look professional and embracing their own personal style can be hard to find. Luckily enough though, this Fashionista on my college campus is doing everything right with how she dresses, and it is reflected in her overall being and pass times.

This Fashionista sports an overall preppy-ness and class to her outfit(s) that is easily recognizable. She looks professional enough for out of class activities, but manages to stay comfortable for class and a long day. How does she succeed this professional and preppy look? This is achieved by her wearing neutral colors and adding details that make an outfit pop. This Fashionista is sporting black leggings, a tweed jacket from Nordstrom Rack and her blouse from H&M. Her riding boots are from 6pm.com and her staple items, which include a blanket scarf and a Betsey Johnson watch are from Macy’s. Her leggings and riding boots allow comfort, while her blouse and jacket dress the outfit up. The scarf she wears makes the outfit come together nicely, and also keeps her warm for the walks to class and chilly class rooms. A bright watch with a bold font and hint of pink add that bit of prep and femininity that this Fashionista embraces.

How To: By choosing neutral and classic dress pieces while adding staple accessories, any Fashionista can receive comfort and let their personality shine through. Solid colors are always a must in achieving a professional look. Adding prints, such as stripes or polka-dots, and/or a pop of color, such as red or pink, in accessories will make an outfit succeed for a preppy and classy look.