ALL IN THE DETAILS: Prints on Fleek

No lie, the mass majority of us are too intimidated to mix prints, let alone thrift, but unlike most of us, this Fashionisto effortlessly has both down to a science. Who knew Florida vacation wear could be so indie/hipster chic?

This Fashionisto managed to make a bold statement from a more muted color palette! That is simply impressive. Here, he sports an Island inspired cardigan on top of a powder blue button-up shirt with smaller pink floral details. I love how the red flowers on the cardigan pop out against the muted blue of the shirt underneath. They pop out even more against his dainty yellow cap with minuscule floral details (very reminiscent of the ’90s), gray skinny jeans and navy blue canvas sneakers.

Mixing prints truly is both a science and an art form. There is no wonder why people go to art/design schools to develop a thorough understanding of this, as it is definitely less than instinctual for many of us!

Up close, the prints may seem overwhelming, but when you take five steps back you’d see how collaboratively cohesive this Fashionisto’s look actually is.This guy is just effortlessly cool with an eye for prints.

How To: When mixing prints, first look for colors that complement each other so there is a cohesive color scheme (a color wheel may be just what you need.) Smaller prints with finite details as well as black and white striped anything are great in neutralizing big and bold prints. If these are still not calming enough, break up your prints with some solids!