ALL IN THE DETAILS: Printed Tights

From blizzards to ice, the winter weather is in full swing at Illinois State University. Regardless of the weather conditions, Fashionistas continue to pull through with their style and spunk. One of the first go-to’s and comfortable option during the winter months are leggings. Unlike the average black pair of Victoria’s Secret PINK leggings that most girls strut walking into class, this Fashionista sticks out in her printed tights.

Tights have been a staple for many years in women’s clothing. Known for their conservative wearability, tights are not only great for wearing with a dress or skirt for a job interview, but also as a statement piece. Today you can find opaque, sheer, texturizedbrightly colored and even patterns tights, like this Fashionista wore. Her outfit is a great example of how tights can be versatile to any style. Although tights may have a stereotype for being formal and conservative, she rocked hers with an edgy and bohemian vibe.

How to: Find a pair of cool patterned or color streaked tights or leggings and don’t know how to wear them? Start by pairing them with a neutral top. Since the pattern or color in the tights are already the focus, keep the rest of the outfit simple. Choose a top that is either flowy or long enough to cover your backside. To complete the look, wear the edgiest pair of combat boots in your closet and grab a denim vest or jacket. Make the look even more unique by layering necklaces and experimenting with different volumes of rings.