September 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

Coming back to school, I have noticed flowy, patterned pants are a huge trend Fashionistas have picked up on. Maybe it is because they are a great way to stay cool and look stylish. Maybe it is because they feel like you are wearing pajamas but you still look cute. Whatever the reason, loose, patterned pants are the perfect way to stand out and keep cool on a busy college campus.

This Fashionista picked high-waisted pants with a detailed boho print and, wait for it, elephants! I might be biased by my love for anything elephant related, but animal patterns are a perfect way to take any outfit from basic to bold. Since these pants are so detailed, they are paired nicely with a solid, halter, crop top and lacey bralette. It is my personal belief that bralettes save lives. They make you feel like you are wearing a sports bra but your outfit still looks super cute. Honestly, what could be better? This Fashionista picked a t-back, grey, lace bralette to add some details to the top half of her outfit, without overwhelming her overall look.

To finish off this look, add some basic accessories. This Fashionista chose comfortable, brown sandals that match her crossbody bag and a simple choker. These accessories add a refined feel to the outfit without adding too much clutter.

As classes get busier and campus begins to buzz, it can be tempting to throw on a T-shirt, exercise shorts and sneakers. Take a note from this Fashionista and try out some detailed pants to stay cute but still comfortable.