ALL IN THE DETAILS: Primary Prints

There’s no better color combination than black and white; the duo flatters every body type, it’s always in season and there’s nothing as easy as putting together black and white. Even Coco Chanel knew the power of black and white in the ’10s, and honestly the necessity of that little black dress or the common love for black being the new black (with white) hasn’t changed a bit.

This Fashionista skips over plain black and white and adds dimension to her outfit with these great printed shorts. The shorts are still the primary black and white, but this new bohemian, paisley print really creates an outfit instead of just shorts and a T-shirt. The best part about these shorts is their material— almost pajama like. So in the heat of the summer, these shorts are not only comfortable and cool, but also soft and easy to slip on in a rush. To keep this outfit simple, a plain white shirt was paired with flat sandals that have metal detailing to keep everything crisp and clean. The other thing I loved about this Fashionista’s look was her hair. I love when people wear the half-up bun because it makes everything feel so much more bohemian, and for some reason they just look a lot cooler. This Fashionista kept her outfit simple with black and white, but elevated the style using her printed shorts and rocking hair.

How To: Feeling bold? Instead of sticking to classic black and white, grab those shorts in a fun color pattern, or even pair black ones with a bright pink top. The shorts are so versatile you’ll be able to take them to the beach and then also wear them out at night.