The beautiful thing about fashion is not just about what clothes you wear but how one wears the clothes. Throughout the summer, I haven’t seen many tutu skirts around the city. In fact, I haven’t seen one at all. So when I spotted this Fashionista, I thought she looked like a modern day princess with the white tutu skirt, beige crop top, a pair of beige heels and sunglasses.

The fabulous Audrey Hepburn once stated, “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. This Fashionista’s elegance sparkles through her clothes. She’s got style and she makes sure everyone knows that, simply by putting some clothes together. It’s all a beautiful creative process.

Sometimes when I pick out an outfit, I feel as if I am overdressed for a particular occasion. However, this Fashionista has reminded me that there are no limits in fashion. Expressing one’s style is one of the best forms of creativity. Children are aware of this because they do it every day. They wear what they want, not caring if it’s too much. Wear something that makes you feel special and makes sure it brings out the best of you. I mean, everyone has a Sasha Fierce.

How To: Feel weird about wearing a tutu for your outfit? Don’t be! Once you have one on, rock it in your own way. Don’t be afraid to wear something just because you feel like it’s too much. Go all out! Be you, and have fun with it!