Summer is in full swing and Fashionistas/os are adding subtle pops of color back into their wardrobes. I personally love wearing basic neutral color schemes, however, I’m always looking for ways to create extra detail and excitement to a look. Black, gray or navy is most likely to be a part of my everyday outfit as it’s what I am most comfortable in. This week’s Fashionista shows us that a splash of color can be the perfect “accessory” to liven up an ordinary look.

This Fashionista’s use of color instantly caught my eye. She effortlessly pairs her lipstick, titled “Sangria”, with the splashes of paint on her thrifted jean jacket. This pop of color is so simple, yet incredibly refined and striking as it truly ties the entire look together! The Fashionista sports a fitted, knee-length dress underneath her statement jean jacket. This adds an element of contrast to the outfit by creating a more modern vintage style. She completes the look with black double strap sandals, the shoe of the summer, along with oversized gold earrings.

Color is an important part of spring and summer fashion, but who says that you have to be drowning in it? A little pop of pattern or color (or both in this Fashionista’s case) here and there is a perfect way to brighten up your outfit.

How To: Don’t be afraid of color! A vibrant pair of shoes, statement accessory, lipstick or nail polish is all you need to pull off the pop of color trend. Pick two, like this Fashionista, to complete any look and catch everyone’s eye.