ALL IN THE DETAILS: Preppy Patterns

Fall is finally here! Whether that means picking up a pumpkin spice latte on your way to class or visiting the pumpkin patch, there is no denying that cooler weather is on its way. With this seasonal change brings yet another change to, you guessed it, your wardrobe! This week is all about knowing how to use the clothing you currently have in your closet and reinventing it to create new outfits perfect for that early morning lecture or a night out in the city. What are you waiting for? Let’s start styling for fall!

This Fashionista put together the ultimate fall ensemble that can be worn during many occasions. The best part is that such a versatile look can be created in a few simple steps and you probably already have a few items in your closet that you can use. Although there are many components of this outfit to focus on, I want to accentuate the use of patterns as a way to bring an outfit together cohesively. Notice how this Fashionista balances a plaid pattern in her jacket with the rest of her look. The pattern is subtle enough that it does not distract or draw too much attention. Sometimes when a pattern is too bold, it offsets the entire outfit. But if you seek some serious fall inspiration from this Fashionista, you will be set for a fabulous OOTD.

Once you select a pattern, make sure to choose a sweater that brings out the color you want to emphasize in the pattern. For example, the rose color of her sweater naturally makes the red in the pattern pop! Especially during cold and windy days, you want to make sure your outfit sends a message of warmth and happiness, so be aware of proper seasonal colors. To complete this look wear, either dark jeans or black leggings; both keep the outfit simple.

Remember that patterns can provide a foundation for the rest of your outfit even if it isn’t extremely loud and bold. It ultimately is up to you when deciding what type of pattern you want to wear out and about. My suggestion would be to try and select at least one article of clothing that has a pattern which might be considered as out of the norm. I have found that the quirkiest of patterns end up being featured on runway shows by the overarching industry.

How To: Are you looking for the perfect look that is casual, but dressy enough for a class presentation? Look no further and simply pair a sweater that complements a patterned jacket with dark jean leggings. To finish the look wear ankle booties and throw on a watch and  necklace. You are now set to start styling for fall!