Plaid is the comfy go-to this fall, and was seen on serval high end runways this summer. I especially like the vibrant blue that this Fashionista is sporting. The details of her outfit are subtle, but prominent. Minnesota weather calls for stylish but warm pieces with a vest, plaid tee, Hunter boots and other accessories.

I love the plaid shirt wrapped around the waist, but actually wearing the plaid gives this look a different appeal. If you want to avoid looking like you just woke up, unlike Beyoncé’s “7/11” music video, add a cozy vest (although I am not saying to not look like Beyoncé, because who wouldn’t want to dress like a superstar?). This Fashionista felt empowered in her blue shirt because it brought out her eyes, and Minnesota warm in her vest. She has an early start to her day, and felt this was something she could be until she got home late at night.

To bring her look to the next level, she added her Michael Kors watch with neutral colors, as well as her neutral colored manicure, a fancy twist on the typical ‘wine’ color that everyone prefers to get done for fall. I specifically remember Hilary Swank on Oprah (when her show was still airing) having the gray nails and Oprah exclaiming how odd the color was to be wearing. This Fashionista’s gray polish is a detail that cannot be overlooked because of its rarity. Although watches are expensive, Michael Kors frequently has sales that make their watches affordable for all. Something that is on trend now, and especially for a versatile look that adds to your evening or day outfit is the interchangeable bands around the watch. Switch your metal band you were wearing all day for your internship to a comfy fabric band when you go out on the town. If you feel like you don’t have time to add a little extra detail to your outfit, grab your watch and it will turn your blah outfit into a fab one.

Don’t let the freezing temperatures get you down! Add some stylish pieces that were built for warmth, and you will always be looking your best!

How To: Find your brightest plaid shirt with your warmest vest to pair with a gray nail polish and an interchangeable watch. Put on your Hunter boots with knee high socks. Finish the look off with straight hair and simple makeup!