ALL IN THE DETAILS: Power In The Flower

July 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

In styling yourself, one of the most important things to show people is that you have a good, refined taste in fashion. And that goes for whatever style you are sporting, whether that is grunge, classic, casual, vintage or boho. You name a style of fashion, and, of course, you want to show others that it’s not just a random style you are trying.

In passing this Fashionista, I was reminded of how style is an expression of how refined our taste in fashion is. Her style moves between the lines of classy and casual. It is easy yet chic. But the detail that acts as a pivotal component is her floral backpack, both an accessory and bag for miscellaneous things. The reason it works is because it is the only pattern that stands in the whole outfit. So, it becomes a subtle yet noticeable element in the Fashionista’s outfit, instead of an element that is trying to get attention among other patterns. Allowing the backpack to speak for itself shows others this Fashionista’s taste in fashion. To me, it shows an understanding in the idea that less is more. It shows me an understanding in styling certain patterns.

Remember, you want to show the world YOUR refined style and taste in fashion. So if floral is not your thing, add a different pattern or accessory to your look. And voila! You are now a little bit more knowledgeable in being the fashionable you.

How To: If you want to imitate this look, I would lean toward stores like J.Crew and Madewell (where this Fashionista bought her clothes). Their clothes weigh in on the higher end of fashion for us college students who still work minimum wage jobs. The pullover acts interestingly as a plain top with the way it pinches at the collar. However, any kind of pullover will do. And the striped shorts, a classic periwinkle blue, continue on the thread of classic-casual. If you need new sandals or gladiators, similar sandals can be found at your nearest DSW. Depending on where you live and what the temperature is like, you can play around with this look such as going long with pants and shorter with a shirt or T-shirt.