Winter is in full swing here in Normal, Illinois. With the heavy snow and less than desirable temperatures it can be difficult not to resort to black and grey winter gear and sweats every day. While wearing neutrals in colder weather can be quick and easy, this Fashionista made an effort to stand out. By adding some bold pops of color, she was able to find a great way to add a little spunk to the everyday Winter look.

This Fashionista paired bold red Hunter Boots with a mustard yellow beanie. These colors may not be the first two shades one would think to put together, but she pulls it off perfectly making it look like it’s the next big trend. Beanies and rain boots are both items that can be easily added to any Winter outfit. Shops like Forever 21 and H&M are two great places one could go to find colorful, affordable pieces like these. This beanie and this purse are an easy way to mix different colors and stand out from the bland neutral colors of winter.

How To: Timid about mixing bold colors in your outfit? Start with neutrals and add one colorful piece. Pair your favorite jeans with a white top and choose an accessory with a bold color, such as a statement necklace. Pair the statement color piece with one other non-neutral color. Whether that be in a lip color, shoe, hat, purse or piece of jewelry, the combination of the colors contrast together naturally like adding colors on a blank canvas. Don’t be afraid to mix bold and bright colors such as neon and rich hues.