ALL IN THE DETAILS: Poppin’ Prints and Patterns

Once the cold air starts to set in and nights become longer, wardrobes change from bright, colorful pieces to black, black and more – you guessed it—black. It seems that the fall season gives way to dark patterns and colors and very few vivid prints! However, you don’t have to wear all black all the time; well……you don’t really have to. But, by adding a nice pop of color to your outfits, the drab of this winter can suddenly feel just a little bit more fabulous!

This Fashionisto had awesome and exciting energy which he brought to life through his structured and bold outfit. Pairing his DKNY T-shirt with J Lindeberg pants, a pair of super dope Alexander Wang boots and this ‘sick’ patterned trench, this Fashionisto knows how to have all eyes on him! In addition, he added a personal bracelet and a diamond heart necklace as personal touches to this ensemble. While his T-shirt, pants and boots provide a casual day-to-day look, by adding in the trench, this outfit is suddenly brought to life, giving off a cool, sophisticated and geometric look.

Usually, people may fear wearing bold patterns as they are more easily to be noticed by others and therefore attract more attention, but use that to your advantage and rock what your momma gave you! Don’t be scared to wear patterns and prints; rather, take this season as a time to shake up your wardrobe and embrace a new attitude! One can wear a simple T-shirt like this one or this one and stick to black jeans and boots. By doing that, your outfit incorporates a funky print, but still is rather muted and simple from the waist-down. If you’re a shoe lover, then you can totally incorporate prints into your shoe obsession. These fun heels are both colorful and energetic and provide a subtle pop to your outfit. If you’re into experimenting with trousers and pants and like to stray away from jeans every so often, these printed trousers are like a breath of fresh air (nature pun intended).

How To: Maybe you’re still a little bit nervous of incorporating a bright pattern or print into your outfit. No worries! A cute clutch such as this one serves as a statement for any outfit, but doesn’t garner too much attention that it will overwhelm you. Remember, being comfortable in your outfit and skin is just as important so go out and rock your style!