ALL IN THE DETAILS: Poppin' Colors

January 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

With the winter drab in full effect, it’s hard to stay in a summery fun mindset. Think bright summer dresses, but for winter. Now if that doesn’t make sense, stay with me. Colors, prints and patterns are always the key to brighten any look. It doesn’t matter what season it is, one of them is always ready to be taken in by your wardrobe. I love how this Fashionisto embraces a bright blue gingham print. Gingham is on the radar of every fashion editor, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s fun, unique and complementary. How could you go wrong?

From this Fashionisto’s obvious fashion sense to his chipper smile, his collared shirt only enhances his overall happy personality. Clothes are just an extension of who you are and this cheerful hue and pattern is just the ticket for this Fashionisto. Not only is his collar complementary to his personality, but also his look.

The blue tint is a nice pop of color against his neutral attire, which is simple and professional. Tip: Cargo pants are always neat and clean while boots are the perfect solution to New England weather. However the pattern adds just that extra bit of fun that keeps everyone on their toes. Even in the winter, you can be in summer mode by utilizing color to keep your look full of surprises. Accentuating colors is the way to go, but to be even more exciting be on the search for bolder colors.

How To:  Don’t know what to do with a neutral sweater? Match it with a strong complementary bottom and search for that unique pop of color or pattern. Whether it’s a collared shirt to just show a bit of flair or a scarf, it’s the perfect solution for the winter blues.