March 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

I’m sure you can all tell by the piles of snow in the background that we are nowhere near the ends of winter here in Cincinnati. However, as you can see by this awesome Fashionisto’s example, the cold weather does not mean you have to sacrifice looking stylish while staying warm.

I caught this Fashionisto on his way to class and was immediately impressed by his overall casual, yet styled look. My favorite aspects of his outfit were the little details that really pulled everything together, such as his plaid printed scarf. Finding a piece to add a little bit of flare to an outfit is key in the winter, seeing as many times you end up wearing the same winter coat everyday. Incorporating a printed scarf into your look not only adds some dimension to your outfit, but also keeps you warm against the freezing wind chill!

This Fashionisto is wearing an ivory colored, cable knit sweater under his navy blue coat. The texture of the sweater contrasts the pattern of his scarf, which adds that unique flare to his otherwise rather simply styled look. I also love the color coordination throughout this look, as well. The ivory and blue colors in his scarf blend perfectly with his coat and sweater—what a bravo Fashionisto! By pairing it all together with some classic dark wash jeans and some black boots, he seamlessly finishes his casual, sophisticated look.

How To: Start with finding a perfect basic winter coat that keeps you warm. Sticking to a neutral color for your coat such as black, beige or navy will help you be able to incorporate any type of colors you want with a printed scarf!