If you’re from Boston, Massachusetts, you would know that Newbury Street is the epicenter for all things related to fashion, bistros and entertainment. Not only is it at the epicenter of what is to love about the city, but it is enchanted with salons, boutiques and much more. In addition, Newbury Street is able to offer something to everyone and during the summer months in particular, it is the perfect place to capture great style. 

This Fashionistas screams urban yet casual at the same time. Although her outfit consists of neutral colors, she is able to add the right amount of color on her lips. Plum lipstick is perfect because not only is it good on many complexions, but it can easily be transitioned from summer to fall. When picking lipstick, it is always better to choose a color that will: 1. Complete your complexion without washing you out or making you look gaudy or 2. Enhance and make your entire stand out! 

Her dark brown cross-body bag combined with a pair of distress shorts, gladiator sandals and a white sweater is the perfect outfit for running errands, going to lunch or just hanging out with your significant other. Instead of opting for a basic white T-shirt, this Fashionista was able to pick the perfect color and perfect item for her look—which helps to complement her look overall. Her gold watch also adds a classic yet sophisticated look. 

It is also fashion forward how this Fashionista is rocking her natural hair and bouncy curls. Lastly, because this Fashionista has her cross-body bag, no necklace is necessarily needed with this outfit. If she were to accessorize her outfit with a simple shoulder bag, a statement necklace would be a great addition and enhance her ensemble. 

Although this Fashionista kept her outfit to neutral colors, the pop of plum in her lipstick adds the right about color while still balancing her outfit out. Not only does literally look great from head to toe, but with a few simple switches, her outfit can be taken from day to night. Sometimes all it takes is a pop of color in lipstick to really elevate any look you are going on. If you’re not a fan of lipstick and its glossy or heaviness, give matte lipstick a try! 

How To:  Picking any lipstick color requires you to think about the look you want to go far by the color you choose and most important is it somewhat appropriate looking. If plum isn’t your color, perhaps try a matte red lip or a simple and subtle nude.