We’ve all had one of those days that seems like the outfit you’re trying to put together is just not working out. Whether it may be your shoes, weird color mixes, or you feel that you are missing something and you can’t quite put a finger on what it is. Sometimes, all our outfit needs is a little pick me up- an unexpected twist of color, cute accessory, or another layer of clothing.

This Fashionista knows exactly what to do in these times of crisis. She has mastered the art of tying a whole outfit together with just one easy step. What’s her secret? It’s a pop of plaid. Her plaid flannel peeking out from under her plum sweater really ties her whole outfit together. The flannel throws in an unexpected twist to the mundane sweater and jeans combination.

Her outfit creates a cute and casual layered look while still staying warm in these cold winter months. Also, her dark-washed ripped jeans, dainty necklace, booties and her natural makeup really complete her look. Whether you are going to class, on a coffee date or get lunch with friends, this outfit is perfect for any casual occasion.

How To: This look is super easy to replicate! All you need is an oversized flannel, a loose sweater, ripped jeans and some cute accessories, then you are all set. Do you have any last minute evening plans? Just add a leather jacket, switch the booties to black leather ankle boots and swap the dainty necklace for a statement one, and you have a look all ready for the night ahead.