July 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Summer is all about pulling out the greatest and most vibrant colors from your closet and strutting them around town or campus. But sometimes the greatest summer ensembles can consist of neutral colors with a pop of color. My favorite thing to do during the summertime is to research what colors are on-trend for the current season; we’re seeing lots of pastels and even browns and blacks arise in this summer’s fashion, but occasionally we see the classic summer neon pinks and oranges creep back up on the trending scale.

One night when I was working at Sunglass Hut at an outdoor mall, this Fashionista came inside and caught my eye. Immediately I spotted her turquoise flowy shorts accented with a white Aztec trim. She paired these comfortable and casual shorts with a neutral cream chevron textured tank top, with matching cream burlap flats. Finally this Fashionista pulled this look together with black and gold Ray-Ban aviators that she was trying on and later on purchased from Sunglass Hut (only in the brown and gold because I thought they looked better with her complexion).

Even though this beautiful Fashionista told me that she was not looking her best because she just got done at her internship, I still think she did a great job of keeping her look professional while still staying up to date on the current trends for summer.

How To: During the summertime don’t be afraid to test the water (pun not intended) with some fashion risks. That is all fashion is about, and if you’re ever stumped on what to wear one day, put together a plain white T-shirt and some colorful bottoms whether it’s a comfortable maxi skirt or adorable shorts like these! Make it POP.