June 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

From time to time, the hot summer months grant us days and nights of mild temperatures and low humidity. Living in New York City as of May, I have been fortunate enough to experience this rare occasion a handful of times. I was shocked when I had to put a jacket on while walking to work, because when is NYC ever cool in the summer?

To me this look is very fall, but this Fashionista rocks it on a cool and crisp summer day. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t pull out your dark wardrobe for a casual and daily look.

Black is always a staple color, regardless of the occasion. I absolutely love the all black of this outfit, from this Fashionista’s hat, shirt, jeans, boots and even the sleeves of her utility jacket. She stays simple and consistent, but changes it up when it comes to accessories. To add to this grunge look, this Fashionista tied a red plaid flannel around her waist for a pop of color. She did the same with her lips, choosing a deep matte lipstick. Diva by MAC is always a go to red lipstick for me. The gold watch on her left wrist parallels with her white rounded nails with accents of gold glitter. Who said grunge couldn’t be feminine?

This outfit is something I would wear in a heartbeat. It’s clean and uncomplicated, but the pops of color this Fashionista chose still gives it that “wow” factor. By choosing to wear heeled boots, light and bright nails and a floppy hat, she has softened the “badass” element of this look.

How To: Black is back, and has never left! Pull out those black jeans you love so much and pair them with heeled lace-up boots and a black top. Throw on your oversized utility jacket and don’t forget your red flannel! Once you’ve covered all your bases, feel free to add any accessories you want, whether gold or silver. And don’t forget that red lipstick goes with almost any grunge look.