April 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

In New York, it is hard to walk the streets and not see an all-black ensemble. The chic look has been a fashion trend for years and for many good reasons. An all-black look is great for work, a night out, a meeting and even running to your local grocery store. But, how would someone go about elevating an all-black ensemble?

Pops of color are great ways to elevate the already fashion forward look. This trendy Fashionista pairs an eye-catching colorful scarf and jacket to her black dress, boots and socks. The jacket and scarf amplify her outfit and draw attention to each component used to complete her RAD look. While yes, the stellar dress and shoes are enough to catch someone’s eyes on their own! The jacket and scarf add a sophisticated and trendy element to this Fashionista’s outfit that without, could not be achieved.

This Fashionista wears a timeless knee length black dress with a slit that rises on one side. She pairs her dress with classic black Chelsea boots and black socks that reach just above her ankles. Adding ankle high socks are a great stylish element to add to any pair of ankle boots! To add contrast, this Fashionista adds a blue scarf that ties around the back of her neck to add an unobstructed but eye-catching element to her black dress. She pairs her blue scarf with a contrasting red and gray coat that adds a trendy component to her outfit. Additionally, she wears handcrafted silver and black rings that pull together her entire look. The addition of accessories and color to the black basis of this Fashionista’s outfit, makes for a RAD, trendy and cohesive look!

How To: Whether it’s black pants, a black skirt, blouse or dress, in order to amplify the look try a colored jacket, hat or scarf to add a little more pizazz!