Black and white is no doubt a classic color combination, and as the cooler weather rapidly approaches, it is common to pair the two colors with a third. The traditional combination is black, white and red, but as I mentioned in my last article, the color trio has become slightly overrated. However, I once again offer a stylish alternative.

Almost the Fashionista’s entire outfit, as seen above, consists of black and white, the most notable piece being her two toned striped skirt. Black and white striped skirts have been on the rise in popularity and this skirt is no exception. Thicker, horizontal stripes give the skirt a more expensive look, and the singular peach stripe gives it just the right amount of pop of color.

As stated before, the weather is becoming cooler and the thought of wearing a skirt is becoming less and less desirable. However, during the fall and winter seasons skirts can easily be paired with tights and boots. When sporting a pattern skirt, such as the Fashionista’s above, it is best to pair it with a solid color. Black tights and boots work best as black adds a dramatic flair without drawing too much attention away from the skirt.

To finish accessorizing this look, adding classy earrings is all that is needed. To keep the initial ‘pop’ of the singular stripe of color, it is best to keep your jewelry in either black or white and not the bold color.

How To: To try this look, simply wear all-black and white, and add only one item in a unique color. This item could be shoes, a bag or even lipstick.