ALL IN THE DETAILS: Poncho Sweater Weather

October 13th, 2015 at 2:10am

I guess its time to officially admit that fall has arrived! Along with everything else that falls in that category: football (NFL), sweaters, dark lips, boots, fireplace burning and more. The holidays that are coming up make fall that much more special. Basically I’m just really excited for fall!

Most people hear poncho and their first thought is the plastic rain poncho with a hood. I wanted to do some research on the history of the poncho, let me just say there were a lot more styles that I hadn’t known about. Poncho which is also called a punchu or pontro is one large piece of fabric that has a hole in the middle for your head. Ponchos are associated in the history with Americans in 1800s mainly with Spanish Americans. Ruana is another type of poncho that comes from Colombia and Venezuela. It is knee length and draped across the shoulders more; you can fasten it using a belt. This is more of a mountain climate poncho. Simply over time, ponchos have become a big part of the fashion world.

This Fashionista is the perfect example of how to wear a poncho. She is wearing the Ruana style poncho. This is one of those clothing items I feel will never go out of style. I mean its lasted from the 19th century to the 21st century. This is a classic fall look you see every year around this time on Pinterest. I like the simple colors of the poncho, light cream and black, you can play it up with accessories or in her case faux leather jeans which gives it less of a demure look and more of an edgy look. The vertical striping with big and skinny mixed together only adds to this look. Mix in some tan booties and a handbag with a pop of bright red lips, and this is an essential fall look.

How To: If you’re not sure whether you’ll like how a poncho looks on you because of its unflattering shape, adding a skinny belt around your waist will make the entire outfit look better accentuating the waist.