ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pleats, Please

It’s a hot, sunny summer day and you’re off to explore the city with friends. So what exactly do you wear? Sundresses are the perfect option when your busy summer day could consist of anything from shopping and brunching, to bike riding and boating. Not only are they the perfect amount of breezy for those hot temperatures, but also are super versatile so that you can dress them up or down depending on your plans. There are many styles within the sundress category, but a specific trend, the micropleat dress, is really popular among fashion influencers right now.

Sundresses can sometimes feel shapeless or boring depending on the cut or fabric used. Therefore, the use of micropleats is the perfect way to add an extra touch of style to your summertime dress. They add a modern element that makes the fit of dresses appear more flattering to your figure. That’s why everyone in Hollywood from Selena Gomez to Giuliana Rancic have been seen rocking these micropleated skirts and dresses to boost their summertime wardrobes.

This Fashionista is rocking the perfect example of a micropleated sundress. She’s getting ready to spend the day shopping with friends and then grabbing dinner afterwards, which means she needs a versatile, day-to-night outfit. The white, blue, pink and orange colors of her spaghetti strap dress make it lean towards a more daytime feel, but the micropleats add a more modern and dressy feel to it. That way, her outfit is perfect for both day and night events. She also accessorizes it nicely with her gold and brown sandals and layered bracelets. The metallic touches in her accessories are also great ways to dress up an otherwise daytime look. Therefore, if you’re ever looking for a new addition to your summer wardrobe, definitely consider micropleats to add a modern feel to your dress collection.

How To: Interested in recreating this Fashionista’s versatile look? Start with a micropleated sundress, and then accessorize by layering bracelets, throwing on a pair of trendy sunglasses and finishing it off with a cute pair of sandals. You’ll be all set for a day with friends and a night on the town with this look.