ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pleats And Florals

Sure, you can throw on a shirt and a skirt, but what really make these two articles of clothing are all the details they consist of. Details are crucial because they are what shape and define our style. This Fashionista’s ensemble did not lack detail. Instead, it had me always finding more!

One of my favorite things about summer style is the amount of color Fashionistas/os incorporate into their looks. This Fashionista knew exactly how to catch someone’s eye but keep the look natural and relaxed. When I first saw this Fashionista rocking this outfit, my eyes gravitated to the shirt and shorts combo. I loved the two pieces together because of the contrast. The bright and flowing floral design on this Fashionista’s sheer top complemented perfectly against her structured leather like short.

This Fashionista’s top upholds so much detail, yet none of it clashes. The lovely floral design is full of life with its vibrant but natural colors. The navy background works wonders under the warm detail found on the flowers. The white collar and button lining break up the floral design on this sheer top which allows one to appreciate the design on this sleeveless top even more!

With this captivating top, this Fashionista did not disappoint with her pleated shorts. No, this is not a typo you keep reading. Her leather bottoms are actually shorts, which makes the outfit worry free! I love the neutral color this Fashionista chose because it is so versatile. The refined pleats on her shorts and structured lines on her heels carry a classic feel that will go perfectly with any look!

How To: Summer is the perfect time to play around with floral and bright colors in your style! Try rocking one piece of bright clothing and mixing it with more neutral colors like blue jeans or a white skirt!