ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pleasantly Pleather

Us East Coasters have been blessed over the past two months when it comes to weather. Personally, I never thought I’d see the day where I could rock a mini skirt in mid-November without the worry of losing one of my limbs to frostbite—but, here we are. It’s mid-November here in Toronto and the warmer than usual weather doesn’t seem to be leaving us any time soon. This type of weather is a Fashionista’s dream; it’s not too hot to rock that rad new sweater you picked up at Zara, but not too cold to start putting away your cute little mini skirts and booties, which are on-trend this fall.

Another trend that never seems to tire, and is perfect for this in-between fall and winter weather, is the leather jacket. I can honestly say that it is a strong personal belief of mine that every Fashionista should have one classic leather jacket in their wardrobe; they never go out of style, they keep you at a perfect temperature no matter the season—and hey, we can’t forget that tossing on a classic black leather jacket will make you look slightly tougher.

This Fashionista is using the edge of a faux leather jacket and faux leather accessories to her advantage. By pairing a pleather jacket and black distressed denim with soft feminine accents like her top and her dainty necklace, she creates the perfect juxtaposition between looking edgy while still maintaining femininity in her ensemble. We also mustn’t overlook the sleek pleather backpack, which adds an extra element of edginess when combined with her faux leather jacket. Leather on leather, in my opinion, can totally work depending on which pieces you choose to combine, and this Fashionista does a great job of doing so without overwhelming the rest of her outfit.

How To: Afraid to rock leather on leather (or pleather on pleather?). Simply combine different elements to assure your outfit doesn’t look too ’80s rock and roll. You could try a leather mini skirt with a different colored leather jacket or you rock a leather jacket with a killer leather bag to get a nice edgy look like this Fashionista.