ALL IN THE DETAILS: Playful Prints And Pastels

There is no denying that temperatures are slowly rising and winter is bidding its last goodbyes. As winter is coming to an end, Fashionistas/os are beginning to sneak some spring trends into their current winter wardrobes. The seasons of pastels, whites and floral prints is upon us, and this Fashionisto put together the perfect winter-to-spring outfit that has everyone turning heads.

This Fashionisto’s outfit is a prime example of a winter-to-spring outfit, as he incorporates bold prints and washed out pastels into his ensemble. Keeping warm is still a priority for these last winter days in Florida, so this Fashionisto went with a long sleeve Henley shirt. Although the color of his shirt is on the lighter side, the fact that he paired it with muted white denim and white shoes really makes the pastel purple of his shirt stand out. The intricate print of his hat also gives his outfit a spring feel because it has a bold print and color that can be associated with spring wear. Pairing a red hat with a very muted and tonally different outfit is a very risky move for winter, but this Fashionisto made it work. The small white detailing found in the print of his hat allows him to match it with the rest of the white pieces found in his ensemble. Tying things off, this Fashionisto accessorizes with a layered gold necklace that adds to the spring feel of his outfit, as you see the reflection of the sun shining through.

How To: You can achieve this look by keeping things simple but at the same time, being bold! Pair a basic Henley shirt or T-shirt with some denim and throw on a bold, printed hat of your choice. Don’t be scared that the hat might not match the rest of your outfit; small details like prints and color choices are what really make for a successful and stylish outfit.