ALL IN THE DETAILS: Planets in Retrograde

September 17th, 2015 at 2:10am

This Fashionisto caught my eye as I was scurrying along from class to grab some lunch from Chick-fil-A! He had a unique aura about him that stopped me in my tracks and encouraged me to ask to feature him today. In addition to his refreshing style, he had a positive and friendly attitude. I really enjoyed chatting with him and getting to know the inspiration behind his ensemble.

The Fashionisto’s outfit was influenced by his intrigue in religion, the universe and unconventional elements. Steele had a variety of unique pieces in his outfit that definitely differentiated himself from the crowd. To begin, his bracelet was a handmade crystal piece in which he crafted himself. We engaged in a chat about crystals because I also have a love for them and make crystal jewelry of my own. My favorite part of his look was the head band he was wearing. I found the emerald jewel tone to be captivating and it added the perfect amount of pizzazz. He even topped off the look with some statement shades to protect his eyes from that sweltering sun that we Florida babes get to experience. To complete his whole getup, he wore a graphic T-shirt that he scooped up at Hot Topic and according to him “wasn’t too gothic to fit with my wardrobe.”

It’s always so exciting to see what students are wearing to class and what inspired them to wear it. I can’t wait to share more treasures that my little eye spies!

How To: The most eye catching element of this outfit is the headband and shades! Don’t be afraid to try on different hair pieces and shades of all different shapes, patterns, and sizes. After all, that is what initially caught my attention about Steele’s look and you can make any outfit your own with this unique key pieces.