Vintage finds are actually the best finds! Nothing feels better than finding a perfectly unique vintage piece to add to your wardrobe. With the fashion industry and sustainability becoming a larger global issue by the day, buying vintage clothes is a great way to avoid contributing to fast fashion. It’s always worth checking out your local vintage boutiques or flea markets to see what treasures are just waiting to be discovered. You never know what you could find!

This Fashionisto proves this with his to-die-for denim jacket that he picked up at Cactus Flower, a local boutique in Bloomington (the entire upstairs is a solid collection of vintage goodies for men and women). The best part of this jacket? The secret hidden plaid detail on the inside lining. A denim and plaid combo is the ultimate tribute to ’90s fashion. A fun detail like this adds a level of interest to any outfit.

Underneath the jacket, he chose to sport a soft cream textured sweater that he threw over distressed black pants – keeping a neutral color palette for this look. Like I always say, you can’t forget about the accessories! To finish off this ensemble, he tied on a pair of caramel leather shoes, a watch, bracelet and, of course, sunnies.

How To: Do you want to add a peak of plaid to your outfit? Throw on your favorite flannel underneath a sweater. Slip on a denim jacket and cuff the flannel sleeve over the outside of the jacket sleeve. Viola!