ALL IN THE DETAILS: Plaid Isn't Just A Fad

June 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

As the summer begins and internships begin to pick up in New York, it seems like every person walking the streets of Manhattan has stepped up their style game. Maybe it’s because this week was officially my first week out taking photos for CollegeFashionista, or maybe it’s the change in weather, but everyone looks fantastic and unique in their style choices. I think one of the most important things a Fashionista/o can pay attention to when picking out what they want to wear are the little things! Intricate details are what make you stand out and can easily transition your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Taking a staple in your closet like a plaid shirtdress is easy to wear with ballet flats and some cool sunglasses, but this Fashionista made a regular plaid shirt dress stand out in the best possible way. She used a combination of textures and prints to create a chic look. Honestly, it is a bold choice to wear a lot of black this time of year, but this Fashionista definitely made it work and it made her look cool in an effortless way.

There is a touch of ’90s grunge in this outfit and I love how it is so different from the pastels and floral prints being seen everywhere on the streets in NYC. Why follow everyone else when your outfit can really stand out from the crowd?

Plaid shirt dresses are easy to find anywhere but the tricky part is finding the perfect pair of printed tights that can be paired with it. You want your outfit to look effortless, not over the top. To polish off this outfit you can show off some killer black booties and an over the shoulder bag.

How To: Has mixing and matching textures and patterns always stressed you out? No worries! When trying to get the perfect effortlessly chic look, why not try out a plaid shirt dress and some cool patterned tights? Just make sure to make the plaid shirt dress the focus. You can do that by wearing a solid color throughout the rest of your outfit and throwing in some cool accessories. This outfit is great for internships, running errands or can even be easily transitioned for the night! Throw on some cool wedges and some chunky gold jewelry, and you are ready to go!