This past week I can truthfully say I haven’t seen the sun once, and I am all too familiar with the bleak gray clouds that dominate the winter sky. With this uninspiring monochromatic atmosphere it can be too easy to follow along and hide under layers of gray until spring comes around. No more I say! It’s time to channel your inner spring in hopes of a quicker season change.

This Fashionista I spotted has so many interesting details in her outfit. From her tights that will have you seeing the moon and the stars to the camel colored Chelsea boots, her look is absolutely unique. But the stand out detail here is clearly her hair. Bright colors are always a staple of spring, but one way to play up this trend is to add some color to your hair.

Are you considering this idea but think that your hair will clash with your outfit? Don’t worry, take some notes from our Fashionista. Keep the majority of your outfit in neutral colors, like the camel boots, black knee socks and black skirt this Fashionista dons. Then pick only one piece to incorporate color with, like the red sweater our Fashionista is wearing. By having only one piece that interjects color into the outfit you prevent your hair from clashing. If you choose to follow this trend your hair will look brilliant and will channel spring like nothing else.

How To: If you like this idea but don’t want to commit to having colored hair for the next few months there are many non-permanent options available. Wash out dye, hair chalk and extensions are all ways you can add color to your hair without commitment. And if you do choose to dye it my suggestion is to go to the salon. Doing it yourself may seem like a good idea until it’s Sunday night and your hair is green.