ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pink and Print

As the summer comes to an end and the start of the semester is around the corner, it is that time when Fashionistas/os reflect on their wardrobe thinking, “What am I wearing today?” Looking back on all the cool shorts, funky tops or adorable dresses of the summer, we prepare for the transition to fall attire. Summer digs are very carefree and whimsical, while fall fashions tend to be more structured; it is all about the little details in an outfit that set the tone for the season’s style.

Intrigued by the details of such a chic and trendy outfit, this Fashionista embodies the fun of summer, yet introduces the cool structure of fall and the approaching semester. I first noticed her black printed crop top. It is attention grabbing, yet goes well with almost any bottom. This bottom in particular is a win. Her high-waisted, baby pink, leather pleated skirt screams “fall ready” and couples nicely with her mesh top. A cognac wedge sandal keeps the outfit neutral with added pizzazz, but lets the top and skirt do all of the talking. Her black Michael Kors cross-body bag, and silver earrings, rings and bracelet complete her ensemble. Individually, there is a lot going on with each component. They can easily stand alone as statement pieces, but they are put together in such a way that makes the outfit flow. I love everything about this look because it is so well styled.

How To: The best way to make several unique pieces flow cohesively is to stick with one or two base colors, like black, white or brown, and have one or two items in a color that stands out. Having light accessories that do not overpower the outfit helps to draw more attention to the creative clothing choices.