April 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Have you ever felt like the outfit you were wearing was a blank slate? You have everything you need; shirt pants, jacket, even a bag, but for some reason it just feels empty, like you need to add something. You might’ve tried to accessorize with a hat that just didn’t look right, or maybe a scarf that added some bulk but no pizzazz, but these feats did nothing but make your outfit seem a bit off. If you’ve ever been here, and I know you have at least once in your life, than be prepared for the easiest fix to this fashion emergency.

For spring 2016, pins are a Fashionista’s best friend and you can clearly see that from this stylish Parsons student. Not only are pins absolutely adorable, but also they’re a great way to show off your personality in what you wear. They are subtle enough to draw attention to whatever they’re pinned on without being over the top and shocking.

This NYC based Fashionista wears a classically chic outfit; black skinnies, a monochrome striped blouse and a suede trench coat. Her outfit is paired with a simple black tote bag and a pair of pointed to flats. She looks casual yet professional and ready to go essentially everywhere.

Although her outfit is quite chic, she adds some sass and personality to it by throwing on a few pins to her black tote. The cluster of pins is unique and adds flare, color, and fun to her outfit. I can’t help but wish that I had a few pins myself! The best part about her pins is that you can have as many or as few as you want. You can cover your tote bag with pins entirely or you can do what this Fashionista did and add just a few for a little pop.

How To: If you’re totally into pins but don’t want to wear them on a tote, you can also add them to a simple denim jacket or even a baseball hat! They’ll look so unique and be sure to draw a lot of attention.