ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pickpocketing

How fashion-forward can shorts and a T-shirt really get? My answer is very, if done right. This casually dressed Fashionisto, caught cooly longboarding through a Boston campus, knows a thing or two about easy, effortless style without being boring. The key to making such a basic look seem so unique is all in the details.

This basic, cotton T-shirt would be a snooze if it wasn’t for the fun, colorful breast pocket, revamping and refreshing the outfit. Complete with a marbled swirl of bold, rich colors, this little pocket brings a burst of style to a common look. The pocket is the bold focal point of the outfit as it lays on a soft red fabric which balances out the richness of the multi-colored hues. Be sure to hit up PacSun to see more of this awesome trend. Colored, printed and textured pockets on T-shirts are everywhere you could imagine. They are a great way to get a unique and interesting style out of the foolproof and forever comfy T-shirt. In fact, PacSun even has it’s own category set aside on its website for shoppers looking for pocket T-shirts.

On the bottom, this cool, classic top is paired with some solid, black jogger shorts from American Eagle Outfitters. These shorts keep the attention on the details of the shirt by acting as a stylish base for the rest of the outfit. The jogger style of the shorts gives this Fashionisto a couple of extra style points. Joggers are very in right now, and this is a perfect way to twist the trend into a summer look.

Complete with fresh, basic, black Nike Roshes, this outfit perfectly frames a bold, colorful pocket detail. These shoes help to keep the attention in the details and are a key factor in achieving this cool and classic look. The basic style keeps things cool for the summer, and keeps things interesting with a marbled swirl of colors as the star of the outfit, a trend that is incorporated into plenty of casual menswear in this summer of print.

How To: To recreate this stylish combo, throw on some jogger shorts in a solid color with sneakers of the same solid color. Top it off with a cotton T-shirt in a solid color with a small breast pocket in a print or pattern that appeals to your specific style! This is easy and stylish; what more could a Fashionisto ask for?