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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Perky Patterns

April 9th, 2015 at 2:07am

The snow is slowly melting. The birds are beginning to sing, and flowers are starting to bloom. This could only mean that spring is upon us. We did it; we survived winter and all of its wrath. Let your dresses and skirts rejoice because it’s time for them to emerge from the back of your closet. Spring has endless fashion possibilities; I think every Fashionista/o can agree with that. What better way to welcome spring than to wear fun and colorful patterns?

Can you tell that this Fashionista is super excited for spring? Her sunflower patterned dress screams spring so loudly without being obnoxious. The pattern itself is stunning. The sunflowers pop perfectly against the black background, making it fun instead of busy. She pairs the dress with a simple denim jacket. By pairing it with something simple, the pattern runs the show and is the main focal point of the ensemble. She completes the look with a pair of rustic combat boots. These boots look like they were made to be worn with this dress. They give the outfit a chic vibe, which is fabulous.The brown color complements the pattern of the dress. She keeps accessories to a minimum by just wearing a necklace with a small pendant. Again, the print is what the whole look is revolving around.

There are so many ways to incorporate patterns into your spring wardrobe. Floral dresses are a huge trend this spring. Other fun patterned pieces are this maxi skirt and backpack.

How To: Go find the patterned piece that makes your heart sing along with the spring birds. Once this item has been located and made your own, pair it with simple colors that accent the pattern. Complete the look with a pair of shoes that pull together the whole look, and you’re ready to take on the spring days.