ALL IN THE DETAILS: Perfectly Patterned Pants

It’s time to throw your everyday blue jeans to the back of your closet in order to make room for latest addition to every Fashionista/o’s wardrobe: patterned pants. The days of plain blue jeans are over as we are now seeing jeans in every pattern and color. From bright, Aztec prints to distressed plaid prints, we are seeing jeans take on a new life and a personality of their own.

This Fashionista embraced the newest trend with a pair of camouflage pants in shades of gray and black rather than the typical shades of green and brown. This Fashionista paired the patterned pants with a long sleeve black shirt that is fitted at the top and waist and gradually flows out at the bottom. The shirt has an overlay of a gray striped pattern that complements the camouflage pattern. Now, while you might have thought jean jackets were only for spring and summer, this Fashionista shows that this classic wardrobe piece can be worn year-round. The short cut of her bright blue jean jacket paired with this dark toned outfit brightens the outfit and adds a layer of warmth while allowing the camouflage pants to be the standout piece.

Of course, no outfit is complete without the appropriate accessories and this Fashionista has accessorized stylishly and practically. A short, black boot complements the army-inspired, grunge style to this look with black buckle detailing on the side. As snow is still covering the ground, this Fashionista layered a thick plaid scarf to keep warm. The distressed plaid pattern pairs nicely with the camouflage pattern of the pants. Finally, this Fashionista is ready to go with a pair of black aviators that add just the perfect touch of cool to this outfit.

Don’t be afraid to pull out your favorite patterns this season to add flare to your outfit. A pair of patterned pants is the perfect way to add your own personality to any outfit. Layering with different patterns and fabrics is very stylish, but remember to try to keep them within the same color family so they complement one another.

How To: Tired of wearing the same old jeans day in and day out? Try swapping them out for a pair of patterned pants. Options range from floral patterns for a bright, sunny day to Aztec patterns for a hipster-chic vibe. Keep it simple on top by layering a long sleeve shirt with a jacket for warmth. If you’re feeling bold, add a thick scarf with a different, yet complementary pattern.