ALL IN THE DETAILS: Perfect Pendants

Finding an outfit that is casual yet makes a statement is often a task that is harder than it first appears. This Fashionista not only tackled this task effortlessly, but she also added subtle details, such as playful stripes and a pendant necklace, which are often details that are overlooked. Not only does this Fashionista perfectly nail the casual, cool-girl look, but her use of subtle details take her outfit from cute to unforgettable.

This Fashionista knows the importance of basic, black leggings, which are a staple every Fashionista should own, like a simple, striped shirt. The subtle black and white striped shirt keeps the outfit casual and effortless, while the pendant necklace adds an eye-catching detail. Of course, adding a classic pair of knee-length black boots is another way to dress up a casual outfit. This Fashionista also shields her eyes with a pair of classic, brown aviator sunglasses. Although the temperatures are dropping in Seattle, the sun is still shining, making sunglasses a necessity.

Although it’s sunny, it’s still chilly out, which allows for the perfect layering opportunity. I love this Fashionista’s gray, military-inspired jacket. This jacket is the perfect example of a piece that is both functional and fashionable. Her jacket shields her from the winter chill, while also adding another cute element to her look.

How To: Want to dress up a casual outfit? Add subtle details like stripes and a chic pendant necklace to your outfit to spice things up. A classic pair of black boots make any outfit effortless and memorable, while aviators are a great pair of classic shades to pair with any look.