ALL IN THE DETAILS: Peekaboo Fashion

As college students, I’m sure we can all agree that winter layers offer quite an obstacle when it comes to displaying personal style. As Fashionistas/os, it is important that what we wear represents who we are as an individual. Especially when you consider the fact that we walk back and forth around campus for most of our days. It can be hard to illustrate that unique sense of style through bulky outerwear coats, hats and scarves.

This guy is a Fashionisto who doesn’t let cumbersome winter layers hide his expression. He definitely isn’t afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to his personal style. Today he wears a gray infinity scarf and a black North Face Tonnerro jacket for warmth. He wears a sporty round-neck hoodie underneath his essentials, and makes quiet a statement with a pair of red straight jeans. To finish off his look, he accessorizes with his brown loafers, and a black and brown backpack.

What caught my eye the most was his bright red bottoms. What a bold choice for the winter season! The vibrant color pops against the snowy grounds, and stands out immeasurably against the sea of blue jeans I normally see walking around.

How To: Finding it hard to display your personal style through bulky winter outerwear coats, hats and scarves? Choose one item of clothing that boldly illustrates who you are. Choose a piece that is completely unexpected. Make sure it’s something that no one would dare to wear but you. There’s no way you could go wrong. With this you’ll never have to worry about expressing who you are during the winter season.