ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pearls Of Wisdom

If you’ve ever made a bucket list then you’ve probably also written up a list of things that make you happy, fantasy boyfriends and your “worst evers”. While the former few take up quite a bit of space on my iPhone’s Notes app, the latter only contains a few terrible, horrible things such as freshman dorms, perma-wedgies and the unthinkable…fashion rut.

My fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos will know what I mean when I say those shoulder shuddering words, and will probably make the same sour milk face as I do when I read them. The key signs for the fashion rut include: wearing the same running leggings twelve days in a row (you know you aren’t running anywhere in those), not remembering the last time you wore something other than black and getting caught red-handed when your friends recognize your blouse as the one you wore in your eighth grade yearbook picture.

It happens to everyone, unless you’re Rachel Zoe or Beyoncé, and can make you feel like an animated TV character who only wears the same outfit (I’m talking to you, Kim Possible.) When I get stuck in a rut, the first thing I do aside from mindlessly consulting Pinterest mindlessly for hours, is think about what is timelessly fashionable. Classic fashions never go out of style, and those are the silhouettes you want to return to whenever you feel like your personal style has gone caput. My favorites that I’m certain will never leave my side are the classic little black dress (perfect for all occasions), colorful lipstick and the always reliable pearl necklace.

To me, the easiest way to up your outfit game is to add accessories, and none add more effortless flare than pearls. Timeless and the ability to go with every ensemble in the book, pearls can add class, sass and a little something extra.

If you’re pumped and ready to tackle your fashion rut, take a hint from this Fashionista and make your pearls oversize to add a funky edge to your look. A daring crop top and fun sneakers create perfect proportion with a feminine skirt and chunky lady-like jewels.

How To: Go girly for a party or night out by adding a classic multi-strand necklace to your favorite sundress to look perfectly polished, throw on a pair of flirty kicks and head out the door! Ready to take a risk and leap out of your rut? Try mixing leather with a pearl choker for a look that’s edgy with a little bit of sweetness.