ALL IN THE DETAILS: Peace Signs and Fashion Finds

Every now and then a dead and gone trend from another lifetime will resurrect itself. Recently, we have seen trends of the ’70s rearing their suede, fringed and free spirited heads. As a firm believer that bras are overrated and bell-bottoms are just as comfy as a pair of fleece-lined lululemon leggings, I am ecstatic about this reappearance.

This Fashionista’s hippy soul is shining bright through the pieces she’s rocking! Though this look possesses all soft, earthy tones, it is made elaborate through its eye-catching details. The soft suede of the chestnut brown bell-bottoms combined with the fringe detailing along the waistline puts a chic feel to a once plain pair of pants. Paired with these pants, we a see a relaxed white T-shirt that is garnished with a black-as-night lace-up neckline.

Accompanying the main pieces are some fabulous accessories. These accessories help to put a modern spin on this ’70s inspired look. The studded clogs accentuate the wide legged bell-bottoms while adding a little shine. Her glossy choker necklace and numerous wrap bracelets really bring the glam! To complete her look, this Fashionista donned a groovy pair of reflective sunglasses and a hat that she trimmed with wildflowers.

With festival season in full force, this detail-oriented look is perfect for the modern day Woodstock!

How To: Want to try and throwback an outfit? Choose a decade of your liking and find a statement piece from the era. Mix and match the piece with modern day trends and boom—Cyndi Lauper meets 2016!