ALL IN THE DETAILS: Peace, Love and the Poncho

February 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

We all know and love ’70s style. Music festivals, the return of boho-chic and an increasing emphasis on natural palettes has fed into the revival of ’70s attitude. This “hippie culture” started as a summer trend but is quickly infiltrating into modern winter-wear. Whether it be hyper-flared jeans, bell sleeves, over-the-knee lengths or chunky, crochet knit tops, our revolutionary fashion fore-mothers and fathers sure knew how to break the barriers when it came to pairing shapes, styles and textures. That’s why I’m loving the pop-up of these old classics working their way into all genres of cold-weather fashion. Last year was the almighty rise of the preppy blanket scarf, and now, in 2016, I give you the updated, laidback version of that: the ‘70s-inspired poncho.

I think many of us affectionately remember the time when the poncho rose to fame back in the ’00s, our memories of the beloved trend marked by moms stuffing our bowl-cuts through Mexican-fringed wool. The modern poncho, however, won’t give you that pre-pubescent PTSD. It’s streamlined, soft, long and flowing—a perfectly refreshed tribute to the carefree ’70s culture. My model, Sammie, embodies this in her own look with her color blocked, geometric poncho. Styled beautifully with oxblood accents, the necessary amount of “pop” is added to accentuate and complement the statement top. Paired with soft corduroys, her take on the trend is incredibly doable for February temperatures. No matter the event or the weather, the “modern poncho” is a surefire way to class up your look.

How To: Layer a knit poncho over a basic to automatically up its minimalist-chic factor. Pair it with a kicking pair of booties and classic corduroys (oh, hello again, scopious ’70s!) to keep it avant-garde.