ALL IN THE DETAILS: Patterned Heels

April 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Have you ever put together a fantastic outfit but felt like something was missing? Maybe you reached for a colorful necklace or purse to make your look complete. Still, you weren’t quite satisfied. Alas, you may have forgotten the simplest way to take your style to the next level: a bold pair of shoes.

I always love statement shoes. From platform sandals to a classic pair of Dr. Martens, footwear can always help you stand out in a crowd. A particular current trend in shoes that I’m especially fond of is experimenting with patterns.

I think we’ve all seen the floral boots or polka-dot sneakers that are infiltrating the footwear sections of stores. While these comfier shoe options are certainly adorable, I think we often ignore perhaps the most charming shoe choice: the patterned heel.

I realize that heels are not for everyone. They often lead to blisters or sore feet. In fact, walking around campus with heels rarely leads to comfort. Sometimes, though, it’s totally worth it. Isn’t it fun once in a while to slip into a pair of heels that you love? Even if you slip on a pair just for one of your classes, you should take the time to show off your unique footwear.

Take this Fashionista for example. While her outfit is adorable in its own right, her patterned wedges definitely add a whole new element to her style. I also appreciate how she kept the rest of the look pretty simple: black blouse, pretty necklace and high-waisted jean shorts. The purse is also somewhat of a stand out piece, but its fringe fits in perfectly with the ‘70s boho vibe that the shoes give off. Altogether, this Fashionista chose a deceptively simple look that easily shows off her bold taste in heels.

How To: You found a quirky set of heels, but you’re unsure of what to pair them with? I suggest a simple blouse with jean shorts or a black skirt. If you think the rest of the outfit is too dull for your taste, feel free to add a big necklace or some funky earrings.