ALL IN THE DETAILS: Patterned Flats

May 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

Whenever I leave my dorm room in the morning, I slip on my black ballet flats and head to class. I wear black ballet flats because they are comfortable and they go with every piece of clothing in my closet. Even though the flats make my look fashionable, they are often boring and uncreative. I have been interested in fashion for years, yet I never bought myself many pairs of shoes. As someone who always strives for a higher sense of style, I decided to find ensembles where the shoes are the major statement. Depending on the individual, one either loves or disregards their shoes. Shoes can finish a look and if one wears the wrong pair of shoes, the ensemble can easily fall apart.

As I was sitting on my campus lawn, I saw this Fashionista walk by in a work-inspired ensemble. In fact, she had an interview later that day. For the outfit, she created a professional look, while staying fun and youthful at the same time. The Fashionista chose cooler tones and she freshened up her look with floral flats. Not looking at the shoes, she kept the whole outfit simple by wearing singular colors. For an interview, she kept the style modest, but she let her personality shine with the cobalt blue blouse and shoes.

During the spring and summer, many designers release shoes in bright colors. When attending an interview or formal event, colored shoes can loosen a look and make it less stereotypical. If a Fashionista wants to go beyond colored flats, she can look for daring patterns as well. For example, this Fashionista chose a feminine floral pattern for her interview. Remember, there are other shoes styles as well. A Fashionista can individualize her style with bright sneakers or heels. Depending on her taste, her outfit can easily change with one pair of shoes.

How To: For a more modest occasion, a Fashionista can express her true style with a pair of daring shoes. At times, she may want to draw less attention on herself. In this case, focus on a chic pair of shoes. Wear a single colored dress or a button-up. Simple pieces allow Fashionistas to experiment and discover new trends in shoes.