Sweater weather only lasts for a couple of weeks up here in the Midwest. This is quite the tragedy for all of us Fashionistas, especially for those of us who love to play around and have fun with layers, statement sweaters and different textures. However, this shorter-than-average sweater time also allows us to make the most out of fall fashion. I’ve seen my fair share of Fashionistas on campus rocking some cool sweater outfits.

This Fashionista is definitely making the most out of this sweater weather. She keeps cozy with her oversized vintage-patterned sweater, pairing it with navy blue damaged skinny jeans. One may find it hard to plan out the rest of their outfit when wearing or working with any kind of statement piece. Accessories become even more crucial when working around loud pieces of clothing and often can make or break an outfit. Surely I find myself in a pickle when trying to adjust between keeping the rest of the outfit simple, or trying out something new; stepping out of my comfort zone and incorporating pattern or color-blocking.

This Fashionista successfully mastered the art of pattern play by effortlessly wearing a pair of fun-patterned socks on her feet. She balances her outfit by incorporating neutral and tan-colored accessories like her wallet and backpack. She tops her outfit off by adoring simple accessories like her hoop earrings and silver rings creating a balanced, but also unique look.

How To: Imitate this look by wearing your favorite thrifted, vintage or one-of-a-kind sweater with a pair of damaged skinny jeans. Keep your feet warm by wearing calf-high socks and lace-up shoes. Don’t forget to roll up the hem so that you can see the socks. Try out some patterned socks if you are feeling a little adventurous!