In the last two months, women’s wear has developed many new trends which pertain to various color combinations, including the use of classic denim and vintage vibes. This was not the case for menswear, a category that is usually slow to develop any change. Prevailing trends, as usual, emphasized modern suits, however, another more intriguing trend appeared this season. Menswear developed a tropical taste this summer with bright flowers and various green leafy prints. This Fashionisto was found after working in the studio, sporting the tropical trend and even mixed it with another print.

The focal point of this outfit is his button-down tropical patterned T-shirt. The red flowers give an extra pop of color from the muted cream flowers. The collar is more stylized than a classic collar, giving more polish to the look. He picks up the black in the background of his shirt and pairs it with black chino shorts. Instead of leaving the hem down, he cuffed the bottoms, making them more appropriate for summer and long enough to balance out with his shirt. His backpack, though a different print, goes well with his button-down. Mixing prints can be difficult, but these pair well since both prints contain pops of red. Additionally, when mixing prints it is important to ensure that they do not blend together and here both prints look distinctive. The backpack is interesting because it adds a playful and nostalgic vibe to the outfit, and is perfect for an art student going back to school.

A lot of exciting things are happening in menswear, yet the trends appear to be few and far between. For this upcoming school year consider mixing prints as a way of adding interest to your outfits!

How To: Mixing prints may be tricky because they can vary greatly, so keep these tips in mind. Combining classic prints such as leopard, polka-dots and stripes is relatively easy so just make sure they are within similar color families. When mixing two completely different prints also keep them in the same color family, but make sure one print is bigger than the other.