ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pattern Perfection

The weather gets warmer, the tea gets sweeter, the music gets louder and the patterns get bolder! This is summer or what I like to call “Pattern Palooza.” Everything just seems better in the summer months, so the obvious way to follow suit in your wardrobe is by adding patterns.

This Fashionisto masters the pattern game by mixing two summery designs in a very complementary way. Neither of the patterns is overpowering; the palm tree pattern on his polo is small and his floral sneakers are a nice touch because it follows the same color scheme as his polo and pants. I love that he is able to mix two different patterns without making them clash— a true Fashionisto. The small pops of pattern make all the difference. Instead of wearing a plain, blue polo and sneakers, he opts for a design on these two pieces and it makes the outfit a lot more dynamic in a subtle way. He might not actually be in the tropics, but he may as well be with the addition of these details.

Patterns are a fun addition to your wardrobe because they can set the tone for your whole outfit. For example, this Fashionisto is giving off serious summer vibes with the palm tree polo and floral shoes; however, these patterns could be switched with two completely different patterns and his outfit would have a whole new feel. Like everything in life, it’s the little things that make a big difference.

How To: Mixing and matching patterns can be difficult, but this is the perfect season to try it out. Wear a bold, patterned pant with a simple T-shirt and sandals, or mix two patterns by sporting one on your top and the other in an accessory or shoe, like this Fashionisto did.