With the drab winter weather it is easy to get into a fashion rut. We end up wearing the same pieces time and time again because it’s convenient and takes minimal effort. However, this Fashionista was able to take one of her favorite pieces and give it a new life by adding a few adjustments.

Winter and cold weather are the perfect time to wear neutral, muted tones. This Fashionista chose to stick to a subdued palette through layering a green army jacket over her all black ensemble. She then chose to wear a white cardigan to separate the darkness of her turtleneck from her jacket, assuring that the jacket truly became a stand out piece.

To keep to her dark tones, this Fashionista wore a black leather backpack perfect for trekking through campus all day. The black leather of her backpack perfectly complements the black over-the-knee boots as well. Finally, she chose to accessorize with gold jewelry, including a watch, some bracelets, and hoop earrings. The gold really accents the muted gold zipper on her jacket and helps add an overall shine to the outfit.

While, overall, l think this is a stunning outfit, the part that really drew me in was the patches on her jacket. Patches have been all the rage lately and they are the perfect elements to truly make a piece of clothing unique and your own. The beauty of it is that there are so many options and so many different ways to place them on your favorite jacket, shirt, or pair of pants.