June 26th, 2015 at 2:10am

With summer in full swing, why not bring all of those bright ice cream flavors to life in the form of clothes? I scream, you scream, we all scream for pastels! Pastels are just as yummy as ice cream, if not yummier because they’re so fun! They’re versatile, bright and cheerful. When I ran into this  stylish Fashionista, it was hard not to smile. Not only due to her sunny personality, but also because of all the wonderful colors she is sporting.

Matching mint green capris with a bright pink lace top is genius. It’s sweet yet not too powerful due to the pastel shades. If you’re going to play with color, try the pastel route as it aids in not being over the top. Instead these colors complement each other and work well. The contrast of textures also helps to liven up this look. The soft lace of the pink top works with the structured denim capris. However, I love how this Fashionista brings the denim from her pants up to her jacket.

Denim jackets are a girl’s best friend. They perfectly match everything and help to dress any look for any occasion, ranging from a barbecue to a party to an evening out. They’re also quite comfortable and ideal for that extra summer layer when it gets cool at night. This Fashionista also paired her pastel look with a rocking pair of sandals. It’s so hard to find the perfect pair of sandals that will match many outfits, but I think this Fashionista found the pair that solves it all. These gladiator sandals are a neutral tone, which matches most looks. The sandal’s studs are chic and add an air of boldness, which is a complete contrast to the overall sweet pastel look. It creates an amazing combination, so when creating your next look be sure to find that sweet spot.

How To: The great thing about pastels is that they’re everywhere and come in every shape and form of clothing and accessories. You can wear a pastel sundress or a pastel jumpsuit, it’s truly up to you. With pastels being so sweet, I would follow this Fashionsta’s lead and choose fierce accessories, such as a sharp statement necklace and sandals for a little contrast. Have fun with it!