ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pass The Flatform, Please

We are still in spring, but the weather is now starting to feel more like summer. It’s time to really bring out the sandals and put away our winter boots. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to abandon sneakers. Sneakers are the perfect way to take any outfit and change its mood. The best part about sneakers is that there are a vast variety of them. One type of sneaker is hitting its peak this season after trending last spring. Did you guess it? The must-have flatform sneakers are jazzing up the traditional sneaker, bringing out the inner rocker that’s in all of us.

So, what are they? Think of a platform heel, but instead of a heel on top of the platform, it’s a sneaker. Also, flatforms keep the feet flat and only add a balanced vertical height to the whole foot. They come in a variety of styles and are good for our summer budget. Depending on your style, there is a flatform shoe for you. Whether they are all-white, all-black, printed or even a high-top, you’ll find something for your style. The one thing I love about these shoes is how you can take a feminine look and totally transform it into this edgy rocker look without having to change. The sneakers set you apart when everyone is wearing sandals. They’re the heels for summer!

This Fashionista is the ideal example of how you give a feminine look some edge. The outfit could have simply been paired with gladiator sandals or even a casual sneaker, but the flatform sneakers add masculinity to the look, which gives it the edge to complete the look. The tulle skirt gives the femininity, and it’s balanced by the all-black flatform sneakers.

How To: Take any classic summer or spring look and pair it with flatform sneakers. To take it to another level, go with all-black flatforms, and your inner rocker will definitely show.